With your busy lifestyle, time is precious. We provide a home service to save you the time and effort in maintaining your pool and spa. We fit in with your needs with weekly, fortnightly, three or four weekly, monthly or occasional servicing. Our aim is to provide professional, reliable and courteous service to keep your pool and spa in perfect condition – sparkling clear water that’s a pleasure to dive into, a place for the whole family to have fun in and relax.


Our comprehensive pool service includes the following as required:

  • The pool is scooped of leaves and debris
  • Skimmer and lint baskets are emptied
  • Pool walls and floor are brushed
  • Waterline is brushed and where needed scrubbed
  • Pool is vacuumed, when required
  • Filter is cleaned or backwashed
  • The water is tested and balanced with the required chemicals
  • Equipment is visually checked for leaks or faults and if any are found we’ll report to you promptly