It’s a nice idea to have a warm pool but make sure you consider the associated costs and greenhouse emissions before you choose.

Gas Heaters and Heat Pumps can certainly warm any pool quickly, but make sure you talk to us in order to have the best options to suit your needs.

Solar Heating

This is the least greenhouse intensive way to heat your pool. It may allow you to use it for an extra four months of the year but in many cases, it will not provide year-round heat. Solar heating systems vary but most include:

  • A solar collector: through which pool water is circulated and heated by the sun. It is generally located on the roof so it needs space and requires good solar access to maximize the heat collected.
  • A filter: this removes debris before water is pumped through the collector.
  • A pump: this circulates water through the filter and collector and back to the pool.
  • A flow-control valve: the automatic or manual device that diverts pool water through the solar collector.

Solar heating systems are generally classified as independent or integrated systems. An independent system typically has separate pipes and a pump solely used for circulating water through the solar collector. An integrated system uses the existing filtration system and pump with a diverter valve to control water flow through the solar collector.

Installing a temperature-sensing solar controller and using a pool cover will increase the benefits and efficiency of solar pool heating.

Heat Pumps

Are powered by electricity and use the same efficient technology as inverter air-conditioners to produce heat. Heat pumps gather heat from the surrounding air, so they are usually installed outdoors. The position of the heat pump needs to be considered as they can emit some noise.

Connecting the heat pump to a controlled load electricity supply or switching to time-based pricing and running in Off Peak times can reduce the running costs significantly.

Zodiac Power First

Until September 30, 2011, Zodiac is offering a $200 installation rebate on their heaters and until July 31, 2011 they are offering a free Aqualink System (a handheld PDA remote to fully automate your pool lights, jets, cleaner, and heater from a waterproof wireless remote control) valued at $3500 when you purchase a heat pump. This is a fantastic offer simply because the cost of the heating system merely starts at $2999 incl gst.

Gas Heaters

Gas Heating is one of the quickest pool heating methods and a great choice for spas. Selecting the right heater depends on the size of the pool or spa, the maximum temperature you want and the speed you want it to heat up.

Controls range from the basics to the very sophisticated, so seek our advice as we will consider your budget, lifestyle and what will best match the way you use your pool or spa.

Jandy Lite 2 LD Gas Pool and Spa Heater
Viron Gas Heater