Need a new pump or can we repair your old pump?

We have a huge range of pumps to select from to meet any of your pool filtration, pressure cleaner, solar heating or spa jet needs.

We can supply pumps from all the major suppliers – Zodiac Flo-Pro Series, Zodiac Epump, Hurlcon, Waterco, Pentair, Aquaquip, Hayward, Poolrite , Davey, Onga, Polaris, Aquaswim, Magna-Flo and Watermaid.

Not all pumps are created equal. Which is why there can be such a huge range in price and quality yet the same horsepower Hp. Our selection of preferred pumps has been influenced by which pumps we see being repaired the least. Keeping up to date with our pump technician on design and service ability enables us to recommend the best pump for your application. Purchasing the correct pump can save you hundreds of dollars even if it costs more initially. Spending more on a pump can mean that you will get a much more durable pump which is less likely to corrode and is designed well to enable it to stay cool and not overheat. It can be quieter allowing you to run it during off peak electricity hours.

Pump Repairs

Has your pump had a dry run, is it running rough, is it extremely loud, leaking water, unable to prime, take a long time to start up once you turn it on? There is a good chance that if you are experiencing any of the above we can assist you in repairing your pump for less than half the cost of replacing it with a new pump. Even if your pump is not even making a sound when you turn it on.

We can pick up your pump and bring it back for a test and quote or alternatively if you wish to save on a Service Call out fee your can place your pump in a box addressed to us and we can have a courier pick it up and bring it to us.
The benefits of repairing your existing pump are that you do not have to change any of the plumbing so you can slot your pump straight back in. Also like many modern appliances today that just don’t build them like they use to. This can be especial- ly true for some pumps as they are often heavier due to the high quality and heavy duty materials used to construct them.
So before you toss out your pump because you think it is past its prime (excuse the pun) consider some TLC from our pump mechanic.

Equipment Repairs & Sales

Something not working right? Not sure how to fix, or what exactly is causing the problem?

You need someone with experience and knowledge in the operation, repair and maintenance of pool and spa equip- ment. Often it is just some little thing that, with industry experience, can be easily remedied. Other times it may be something hidden or more integral to the system’s operation, in which case we always provide you with information about the problem first, along with a quote for the work/item required to fix the problem. We don’t believe in keep- ing people in the dark, or in recommending replacements when a simple repair job will fix the problem. However, if we believe a repair job won’t provide you with good value for money in terms of longevity or warranty benefit, we will always let you know, beforehand.