Turn your pool, spa or water feature into an eye catching spectacle at night. We offer you an extensive variety on pool lights, choose from LED to Halogen, we will advise you on the range of options to retrofit them in your pool, the best energy efficient option and they will suit any voltage!

Aquaquip: retrofit conversion light. Halogen
Aquastar: conversion light. LED
Spa Electrics: retrofit Halogen or LED
Waterlinx: LED pool lights

Interested in creating a beautiful ambiance for your pool? Imagine yourself, your family and your friends feeling magical when they take a nighttime dip or celebrate a poolside event with you. We can help you find the best Pool Lighting System and innovative designs that will give your pool a dramatic makeover.

For quotations and more information on our available Pool Lights from various top manufacturers in Australia, feel free to fill out the enquiry form on the right and we will get back to you through mail. You can also call us at (02) 9419 6200 or you can leave your phone number on the message box so we can call you back.

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