How do you choose the right one for your pool?

There are hundreds of pool cleaners on the market in all different shapes and sizes but basically all pool cleaners can be divided into three categories, all three will get the job done but we recommend you to call us for advice as to what pool cleaner is best for your situation and budget and pool surface, for example tiled, pebblecrete, Quartzon, fibreglass, painted, vinyl and we can recommend and supply the best cleaner to suit your needs.

Suction Cleaners

Suction cleaners are the most common automatic pool cleaners. They work like a vacuum cleaner, operating when the pool pump is turned on, the suction of the filter pump drawing water through the skimmer box. The hose is attached to a vacuum plate within the skimmer box allowing the debris on the bottom of pool to be vacuumed up by cleaner and captured in the skimmer basket.

In selecting the right cleaner you should consider the type of debris that comes into your pool. The smaller and finer the debris such as thin leaves and dirt the wider the range available to choose from as most cleaners can cope with these. However should you have thick gum leaves, broad leaves, pine needles or nuts of any sort frequently falling in your pool then you will no doubt have had problems with the cleaner becoming blocked. This is due to the narrow throat that most of these cleaners have causing a bottleneck for debris, especially anything substantially thick. If this is your situation then consider investing in a pressure or robotic cleaner.

The Pool Cleaner, Zodiac Baracuda G2, Zodiac Baracuda MX8, Maytronics Dolphin Hybrid Platinum, etc.

Pressure Cleaners

With the most popular brand names of Polaris and Jet Vac these cleaners work not by occupying the skimmer box but by using the water returning to the pool via the filter. This frees up the skimmer box to do what it was intended for which is skim the leaves from the water surface. Whilst the pressure cleaner zooms around the bottom picking up debris, self propelled by the water being fed to it via either the return from the pool filter or an independent pressure line allowed for by the pool builder which is common practice these days for any good pool builder. Well its not only the fact that it frees up the skimmer box to skim the water surface but more the fact that these cleaners work by shooting water up through a wide throat and into a bag. This throat opening varies in size between cleaners but will easily draw up all sizes of nuts and leaves. Plus the independent bag means that should you go away or accidentally forget to empty the bag for a couple of weeks it is not like the skimmer basket not being emptied for 2 weeks with a suction cleaner attached. The pool water will still get filtered.Polaris 3900 Sport, Polaris Vac-Sweep 280.

Robotic Cleaners

With advancement in technology, robotic cleaners are now an affordable and effective option for many pool owners. Robotic cleaners work independently from the filter and pump and are driven by an electric motor inside the unit. They are self-contained, collecting dirt and debris in a bag or cartridge within the cleaner.

They have built in intelligence that ensures they don’t get stuck in corners and on steps, they also provide a more thorough and complete clean than any other cleaner.